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Cyber Security Coach | Leadership Mentor | Tech Evangelist


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Indian Universities Providing Post Graduation Internships In Cyber Security Space.

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What You'll Learn

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

You will gain a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts of cybersecurity, including the importance of protecting digital assets, data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Threat Landscape Awareness

You will learn about the various types of cyber threats, from malware and phishing to hacking and social engineering. You’ll understand the methods attackers use and how to defend against them.

Career Pathways

The workshop will provide insights into the diverse career pathways within the cybersecurity field. You will get a glimpse of roles such as ethical hacker, security analyst, incident responder, and more.

Hacker Mindset

You will delve into the mindset of hackers, understanding their motivations and strategies. This knowledge is crucial for building effective defense mechanisms and staying one step ahead of cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Ethics

The workshop will touch upon the ethical considerations within cybersecurity. You will understand the importance of ethical behavior and the role of ethical hacking in strengthening security.

Prevention Strategies & CoP

You will learn about strategies and best practices to prevent cyber attacks. Students who attend the workshop will receive a digital certificate of participation.

About Your Coach

I am Naveen Sharma – your dedicated cybersecurity coach, a trailblazing tech enthusiast, a seasoned leadership guide, a dynamic entrepreneur, and a visionary career mentor. Over the span of 25 years, I’ve been wholeheartedly immersed in the ever-evolving domains of technology and security. This journey has granted me the privilege to lead, mentor, and witness the transformative potential of knowledge.

I’ve had the honor to guide and nurture over a quarter of a million individuals across the domains of cybersecurity, leadership, motivation, entrepreneurship, and life skills. My journey began with the inception of TechShilla in 2004 – a pioneering cybersecurity training venture that radiates cutting-edge wisdom and expertise.

Naveen Sharma : Cyber Security Expert | Leadership Mentor | Tech Evangelist

However, my commitment reaches beyond business success. I believe in giving back, and this passion has led me to share my insights on prominent platforms like csharpcorner.com. Embracing a vision where learning is a dynamic, engaging journey aligned with the ever-shifting tech landscape.

My signature cybersecurity sessions stand as testaments to this vision:

Decoding Viruses

An illuminating cybersecurity training series that demystifies the intricacies of malware, dissecting the anatomy of these digital threats.

Unveiling the Hacker's Realm

A profound cybersecurity exploration diving into hacker methodologies and illuminating prevention strategies.

Guardians of the Cyber Domain

A corporate-centric training emphasizing the pivotal role each employee plays in maintaining cyber vigilance.


A captivating cybersecurity awareness initiative tailored for students, drawing a clear line between ethical hackers and malicious actors.

Some of the Recent Assignments

That is Why We Need a Mentor

His grip on the security domain is as profound as his command over his entire audience. Whether it is a public session of 1000+ students or a very small batch of 4, I found no difference in his pitch and flow. Simply Great.

Atul Gupta

CyberSec meets Architecture meets A Good Mentor - Naveen Sharma.

Dr. Rambabu K

I am earning a 6 figure salary within 3 years of my gruaduation, no other testimonail is needed about his coaching.

Prashanta Das

Naveen Sir is an awesome coach. During his training sessions, he keeps the audience engaging, I wish I was him.

Sushma Attri

If you want to learn the very core concepts of tech, Naveen Sir is the first guy you need.

Vivek Sharma

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

This workshop is designed for high school and college students, tech enthusiasts, career switchers, and anyone curious about cybersecurity. Whether you have a background in technology or not, this workshop will provide valuable insights for anyone interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity.

No, this workshop is completely FREE of charge. Our goal is to make cybersecurity education accessible to all aspiring individuals.

You’ll gain foundational knowledge of key cybersecurity concepts, tools, and methodologies. You’ll also learn about various career pathways within the cybersecurity field, practical skills through interactive demonstrations, and real-world simulations.

The workshop will be conducted by Naveen Sharma, a certified cybersecurity coach with over 25 years of experience in the technology and security industry. Naveen has mentored and guided thousands of individuals in the various domains including cybersecurity, leadership, entrepreneurship, and more.

Yes, participants who attend the workshop will receive a digital certificate of participation. This certificate can be added to your portfolio to showcase your commitment to cybersecurity education.

No prior experience is necessary. The workshop is designed to cater to individuals with various levels of knowledge. Whether you’re a beginner or have some familiarity with cybersecurity concepts, you’ll find value in the content presented.

To secure your spot, simply click on the “Register For The Free Workshop” link provided in the workshop description. Fill in your details and reserve your spot.

The workshop will be conducted online as a virtual event. Registered participants will receive details on how to access the virtual session closer to the workshop date.

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